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We have been serving our furry friends since 1995

We love pets, so we have created a shop that lets you get premium-quality products for your little friends

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Pet Accessories

The little friends are as fashionable as you are. Let their attire do the talking


Making new friends is a great feeling. We introduce you to your new little friends

Pet Food

Gourmet foods for your pets, brought to yumm up their diet

Frequent Questions

Do you offer country-wide shipping

Yes, we ship across the country

Are there certifications for organic pet food?

Yes. We source pet friendly and certified organic pet food.

Can I buy a pet online?

Yes, you can! We help you buy and adopt online. Our physical stores guide you through the process and make it a breeze.

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Free shipping on all orders above $100

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Health-checked pets

Our vet-certified pets undergo multiple health and aesthetic checkups